Process Analysis

Analysis of process states, needs, gap analysis.
Analysis focuses on the use of maximum potential with minimal investment. During the analysis we conduct an ongoing dialogue to focus on areas that you burn. Provide service is tailored to your current needs. We follow the latest developments in their respective areas and bring them to you proactively to ensure your maximum benefits.

Process restructuralization

Change of your processes.
Based on best practice and the real needs of your business will be designed efficient processes with clear metrics in precisely defined measurement points in the process. Will be determined by the limitations of the metrics and ready basis for management efficiency gains under your control.


Ensuring of know how for your people.
Knowledge is considered as a key asset for your workers. We provide all the necessary transfer of knowledge to the maximum number of your staff to enable function in the process the most effective.

Test Solution

Solution of test processes based on best practise.
To allow you to better test the potential of process management, we have prepared in the test solution each process. The test solution also allows own control of processes in real production. The entire model is set up to require any major investment.

Your own Solution
own solution

Solution based on your needs.
Custom solution is recommended for organizations that are their maturity at a high level of readiness. The solution for you would be specially adapted to your needs with a focus on your strategically important area.

Specialist's Bodyshop

Limber up it with us.
We give you our specialists with all the know-how relevant to your subject for maximum acceleration of solutions of sore spots in the business agenda.