R&D Centre service

What is this modul for?
Service ensure continuous delivery of innovation ideas for your business development team with ensuring of concrete realization. Think about these ideas in your business context and we ensure delivery. Change your mind. THINK DIFFERENT.

- you will see future business possibilities
- available solutions from cross sector areas
- special customer care

How does it work?
1.) tell us what are your business pains or what are you interested in example: I am interested in possibilities of processing efficiency of customer contracts
2.) or you can only look around possibilities which are already in system
3.) each month you will receive information about possibilities which can move you ahead
4.) in case of interest in any possibility than contact us
5.) we will contact you by one of our business development team member
6.) you can go through possibilities of your solution
7.) after positive feedback there will be started "real" case how it can be (during 1-2 months)
8.) including costs and time estimates
9.) after approval there will be started realization project with help of strong integrator

What kind of solutions we have for you?
- from banking
- from insurance
- from telecomunications
- from utilities
- from retail
- from advisory
- and others....

All members have access to all current and future moduls focused on your processes

Create new business
If you have an idea and retaled solution which you need to get to the right clients than please contact us and we connect you with concrete business managers in case of matching with treir needs.