System eMerkur - Dokumentation and Reporting

How will help me documentation and reporting?
Firm processes documentation will enable you to see all dependencies which can impact your process. You will have also possiblity to set proper metrics only for important parts of your processes. Key is in documented relations of all metrics and strategic aims of your organization. Reporting give you overview to monitor trends of performance and effectiveness with option of proactive reactions in case of negative trends, but also prediction of future state. Necessary is during year status control which will enable you continuous progress and improvement of your process functions and due to this also your services.

For what I need documentation?
Documentation is a key tool for understanding of all activities within your company and their relevance in the context of the procedure within the life cycle of each product. The main benefit of documentation is not only the identification of all activities, but also their importance in the context of an organization that will allow to prioritize strategic development and investment in the area.

How I will use reporting?
Your reporting will always be focused on every manager in your organization and enable to respond flexibly in time. In detail, then everyone can focus on individual problems in the area as metrics carry a multi-metric tree, which goes into a detailed monitoring of individual activity that is tied to a particular worker, allowing management to solve problems before they become a problem in society.